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Name Year Sire Dam Eligibility Status
Bossy Guest (IRE) 2012 Medicean (GB) Ros The Boss (IRE) Eligible
Don't Tell Louise (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Lyra's Daemon (GB) Eligible
Donetsk (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Seasonal Blossom (IRE) Eligible
Giovanni di Bicci (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Marula (IRE) Eligible
Goodby Inheritence (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Chili Dip (GB) Not Eligible
Head Coach (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Lilli Marlane (GB) Eligible
Makedonets (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Intrepid Queen (USA) Not Eligible
Medicean Bliss (IRE) 2012 Medicean (GB) So Blissful (IRE) Eligible
Mutamid (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Inchberry (GB) Not Eligible
Politico (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Tafawut (GB) Not Eligible
Pryers Princess (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Opening Ceremony (USA) Eligible
Ragtime Dancer (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Honky Tonk Sally (GB) Eligible
Renaissance Red (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Special Moment (IRE) Eligible
Sign of The Times (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Still Small Voice (GB) Not Eligible
Tuscan Prince (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Royale Danehill (IRE) Not Eligible
Victory Megastar (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Bourbon Ball (USA) Not Eligible
Wolf Albarari (GB) 2012 Medicean (GB) Pure Song (GB) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Leominda (GB) 2012 Mawatheeq (USA) Leominda (GB) Not Eligible
Concord (IRE) 2012 Mawatheeq (USA) Amhooj (GB) Eligible
Entente (GB) 2012 Mawatheeq (USA) Amarullah (FR) Eligible
Just Because (GB) 2012 Mawatheeq (USA) Muwakaba (USA) Eligible
Rum Swizzle (GB) 2012 Mawatheeq (USA) Port Providence (GB) Eligible
Satin And Lace (IRE) 2012 Mawatheeq (USA) Katayeb (IRE) Eligible
Sun Jet (IRE) 2012 Mawatheeq (USA) Okba (USA) Eligible
Whitchurch (GB) 2012 Mawatheeq (USA) Silvereine (FR) Eligible
Unnamed out of Lady Causeway (USA) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Lady Causeway (USA) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Daziyra (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Daziyra (IRE) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Chocolate Mauk (USA) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Chocolate Mauk (USA) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Shy Smile (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Shy Smile (IRE) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Market Day (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Market Day (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Flamenco Red (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Flamenco Red (GB) Not Eligible
Ainslie (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Capriole (GB) Eligible
Amazing Grey (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Second Burst (IRE) Not Eligible
Arena Seven (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Opera Star (IRE) Not Eligible
Artesana (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Koniya (IRE) Eligible
Atlanita (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Alharir (USA) Not Eligible
Azyaan (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Hidden Heart (USA) Eligible
Bochum (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Titans Clash (IRE) Eligible
Creative Talent (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Pitrizzia (GB) Eligible
Dream Craft (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Ascot Dream (IRE) Eligible
Durlindana (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Serafina's Flight (GB) Eligible
Eileen Gray (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Fact (GB) Eligible
Entitling (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Splash Mountain (IRE) Not Eligible
Hawkmeister (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Lake Ladoga (GB) Eligible
Hazleton (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Khibraat (GB) Eligible
Ificaniwill (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Hollow Hill (IRE) Eligible
Krafty One (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Wonderful Desert (GB) Eligible
La Chica Sensual (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Gates of Eden (USA) Eligible
La Hoofon (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Polish Lake (GB) Not Eligible
Ladurelli (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Chanter (GB) Eligible
Lipstickandpowder (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Raphimix (FR) Not Eligible
Master Apprentice (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Lady Hawkfield (IRE) Not Eligible
Master Choice (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) No Quest (IRE) Eligible
Master Of Speed (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Mango Groove (IRE) Eligible
Master Rule (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Anthyllis (IRE) Not Eligible
Masterchippy (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Pitrizza (IRE) Eligible
Masterpower (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Mosaique Beauty (IRE) Eligible
Millefiori (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) La Lunete (GB) Eligible
Moving On Up (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) El Soprano (IRE) Not Eligible
My Mistress (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Majestic Eviction (IRE) Not Eligible
Optima Petamus (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) In A Silent Way (IRE) Eligible
Pantomime (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Dama'a (IRE) Eligible
Qatar Falcon (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Nouveau Riche (IRE) Eligible
Quarterdeck (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Zalama (FR) Not Eligible
Restorer (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Moon Empress (FR) Eligible
Silversmith (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Gleaming Silver (IRE) Not Eligible
Sun Odyssey (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Penolva (IRE) Eligible
The Tempest (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Virginia Hall (GB) Eligible
Town Council (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Catch The Blues (IRE) Eligible
True Reflection (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Glittering Prize (UAE) Not Eligible
Ttainted Love (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Eve (GB) Eligible
Via Flaminia (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Takaliya (IRE) Not Eligible
Vivo Per Lei (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Sabancaya (GB) Not Eligible
Wolf of Windlesham (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Al Amlah (USA) Eligible
Aggression (IRE) 2012 Marju (IRE) Radha (GB) Not Eligible
Bent Marju (IRE) 2012 Marju (IRE) More Respect (IRE) Not Eligible
Margie (IRE) 2012 Marju (IRE) Anyuta (GB) Not Eligible
The Last Marju (IRE) 2012 Marju (IRE) Celestial Dream (IRE) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Virevolle (FR) 2012 Manduro (GER) Virevolle (FR) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Tithcar (GB) 2012 Manduro (GER) Tithcar (GB) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Hesperia (GB) 2012 Manduro (GER) Hesperia (GB) Not Eligible
Fashion Forward (IRE) 2012 Manduro (GER) Special Cause (IRE) Eligible
Forza Blacky (GB) 2012 Manduro (GER) Rightside (GB) Eligible
Golden Zig (IRE) 2012 Manduro (GER) Runaway Top (GB) Not Eligible
Kathmanduro (IRE) 2012 Manduro (GER) Oregon Trail (USA) Eligible
Red Harry (IRE) 2012 Manduro (GER) Iktidar (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Saphira's Fire (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Saphira's Fire (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Dolydille (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Dolydille (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Cartimandua (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Cartimandua (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Lure of The Moon (USA) 2012 Makfi (GB) Lure of The Moon (USA) Not Eligible
Affinity Orange (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Persian Sea (UAE) Eligible
Age of Elegance (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Elegant Pride (GB) Eligible
Almared (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Starstone (GB) Eligible
Alsrab (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Miss Delila (USA) Eligible
Alwareed (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Sinduda (GB) Eligible
Belle Fille (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Belle Allemande (CAN) Not Eligible
Carolinae (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) You Too (GB) Eligible
Catalyst (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Bianca Nera (GB) Not Eligible
Cornwallville (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Morinqua (IRE) Not Eligible
Expiry Date (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Midnight Shift (IRE) Eligible

Yearling Bonus

The Yearling Bonus Scheme is now in it’s fifth year and to date over 12 million GBP has been paid into the fund by Owners, Breeders, Vendors and Sales companies. Owners of eligible racehorses stand the chance of winning 10,000 GBP bonus if their horse wins a ‘selected’ maiden race. The entire fund raised from registration fees is paid out in bonuses in GB, Ireland and across Europe and as far as Singapore. Initiated in 2009 the Scheme is a not for profit venture.


Only qualifying individuals offered at public auction in GB and IRE are eligible. All current eligible individuals are listed here.

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