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Name Year Sire Dam Eligibility Status
Unnamed out of Nouveau Riche (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Nouveau Riche (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Opera Star (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Opera Star (IRE) Provisional
Sun Odyssey (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Penolva (IRE) Eligible
Masterchippy (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Pitrizza (IRE) Eligible
Creative Talent (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Pitrizzia (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Polish Lake (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Polish Lake (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Raphimix (FR) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Raphimix (FR) Provisional
Vivo Per Lei (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Sabancaya (GB) Provisional
Amazing Grey (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Second Burst (IRE) Provisional
Durlindana (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Serafina's Flight (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Shy Smile (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Shy Smile (IRE) Provisional
Entitling (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Splash Mountain (IRE) Provisional
Via Flaminia (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Takaliya (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Titans Clash (IRE) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Titans Clash (IRE) Eligible
The Tempest (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Virginia Hall (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Wonderful Desert (GB) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Wonderful Desert (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Zalama (FR) 2012 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Zalama (FR) Provisional
Unnamed out of Asfurah's Dream (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Asfurah's Dream (IRE) Provisional
Mago di Setubal (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Ava's World (IRE) Provisional
Ach Alannah (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Cidaris (IRE) Eligible
Saltwater Creek (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Crossing (GB) Eligible
Ringtone (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Easter Princess (FR) Provisional
Keela (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Flame of Ireland (IRE) Eligible
Late Night Mark (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Khatela (IRE) Eligible
Tasheer (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Lanzana (IRE) Eligible
Black Worcester (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Nashira (GB) Eligible
Real Jazz (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Sedna (IRE) Eligible
Artemis (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Silver Arrow (USA) Eligible
River Goddess (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Talwin (IRE) Eligible
Zora Seas (IRE) 2011 Marju (IRE) Urgele (FR) Eligible
Unnamed out of Anyuta (GB) 2012 Marju (IRE) Anyuta (GB) Provisional
The Last Marju (IRE) 2012 Marju (IRE) Celestial Dream (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of More Respect (IRE) 2012 Marju (IRE) More Respect (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Radha (GB) 2012 Marju (IRE) Radha (GB) Provisional
Spirit of Fantasy (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Aline (GER) Eligible
Minnie Magic (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Amarice (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Azalee (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Azalee (IRE) Provisional
Wildes (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Balloura (USA) Provisional
Vera Lou (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Baltica (IRE) Eligible
Across The Cape (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Cape Marien (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Causeway Song (USA) 2011 Manduro (GER) Causeway Song (USA) Provisional
Magnus Romeo (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Chili Dip (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Devious Diva (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Devious Diva (IRE) Provisional
Global Match (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Global Pearl (GER) Eligible
Gabinka (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Granny Bea (IRE) Eligible
Mystic Princess (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Granny Kelly (USA) Provisional
Oscuro (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Jabbara (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Jinsiyah (USA) 2011 Manduro (GER) Jinsiyah (USA) Provisional
Chesturo (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Joyfullness (USA) Eligible
Minionette (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) La Vita E Bella (IRE) Provisional
Lacoper (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Lukrecia (IRE) Provisional
Bremner (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Maggie Lou (IRE) Provisional
Crakehall Lad (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) My Uptown Girl (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Openness (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Openness (GB) Provisional
Fair Flutter (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Polish Affair (IRE) Eligible
Citizen Kaine (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Precious Citizen (USA) Eligible
Demid (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Rock Candy (IRE) Provisional
Coastal Storm (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Ruff Shod (USA) Eligible
Monsea (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Sea Drift (FR) Eligible
Unnamed out of Sunray Superstar (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Sunray Superstar (GB) Provisional
Techno Queen (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Tryphaena (FR) Eligible
Maid Of Tuscany (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Tuscania (USA) Provisional
Bright Beacon (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Waldmark (GER) Eligible
Blacke Forest (GB) 2011 Manduro (GER) Welsh Cake (GB) Eligible
Yukon Girl (IRE) 2011 Manduro (GER) Yukon Hope (USA) Eligible
Unnamed out of Hesperia (GB) 2012 Manduro (GER) Hesperia (GB) Provisional
Red Harry (IRE) 2012 Manduro (GER) Iktidar (GB) Eligible
Kathmanduro (IRE) 2012 Manduro (GER) Oregon Trail (USA) Eligible
Unnamed out of Rightside (GB) 2012 Manduro (GER) Rightside (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Runaway Top (GB) 2012 Manduro (GER) Runaway Top (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Special Cause (IRE) 2012 Manduro (GER) Special Cause (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Tithcar (GB) 2012 Manduro (GER) Tithcar (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Virevolle (FR) 2012 Manduro (GER) Virevolle (FR) Provisional
Mary McPhee (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Aunty Mary (GB) Eligible
Belle Fille (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Belle Allemande (CAN) Provisional
Stealing The Show (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Belle Reine (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bianca Nera (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Bianca Nera (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Brazilian Bride (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Brazilian Bride (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Cartimandua (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Cartimandua (GB) Eligible
Newera (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Coming Home (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Danceabout (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Danceabout (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Dolydille (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Dolydille (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Elegant Pride (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Elegant Pride (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Ho Hi The Moon (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Ho Hi The Moon (IRE) Eligible
Hit List (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Kassiopeia (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of La Conquistadora (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) La Conquistadora (GB) Eligible
Songye (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Liberty Chery (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Lure of The Moon (USA) 2012 Makfi (GB) Lure of The Moon (USA) Provisional
Mezajy (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Maidin Maith (IRE) Provisional
Mambo Paradise (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Mambo Halo (USA) Eligible
Unnamed out of Marika (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Marika (GB) Eligible
Moderah (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Meetyouthere (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Midnight Shift (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Midnight Shift (IRE) Eligible
Monotype (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Mill Guineas (USA) Eligible
Unnamed out of Miss Delila (USA) 2012 Makfi (GB) Miss Delila (USA) Eligible
Lahent (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Misty Waters (IRE) Eligible
Cornwallville (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Morinqua (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Mother of Pearl (IRE) 2012 Makfi (GB) Mother of Pearl (IRE) Provisional
Affinity Orange (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Persian Sea (UAE) Eligible
Shamazing (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Rababah (USA) Eligible

Yearling Bonus

The Yearling Bonus Scheme is now in it’s fifth year and to date over 12 million GBP has been paid into the fund by Owners, Breeders, Vendors and Sales companies. Owners of eligible racehorses stand the chance of winning 10,000 GBP bonus if their horse wins a ‘selected’ maiden race. The entire fund raised from registration fees is paid out in bonuses in GB, Ireland and across Europe and as far as Singapore. Initiated in 2009 the Scheme is a not for profit venture.


Only qualifying individuals offered at public auction in GB and IRE are eligible. All current eligible individuals are listed here.

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