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Name Year Sire Dam Eligibility Status
Sliabh Luachra (IRE) 2012 High Chaparral (IRE) Lucina (GB) Eligible
Slopestyle (IRE) 2012 Dark Angel (IRE) Kayoko (IRE) Eligible
Slovak (IRE) 2012 Iffraaj (GB) Bratislava (GB) Eligible
Smaih (GER) 2012 Paco Boy (IRE) Solola (GER) Eligible
Small Storm (GB) 2012 Archipenko (USA) Eminencia (GB) Not Eligible
Smart Stepper (IRE) 2012 Acclamation (GB) Miss Smilla (GB) Eligible
Smithstown (IRE) 2012 Bushranger (IRE) Pink Sovietstaia (FR) Eligible
Smugglers Lane (IRE) 2012 Bushranger (IRE) Finty (IRE) Not Eligible
Snaad (GB) 2012 Invincible Spirit (IRE) Olivia Grace (GB) Not Eligible
Snappy Guest (GB) 2012 Kodiac (GB) Golden Shadow (IRE) Not Eligible
Snappy Mann (GB) 2012 Sleeping Indian (GB) Laminka (GB) Not Eligible
Snow Cover (GB) 2012 Verglas (IRE) Cover Look (SAF) Eligible
Snoway (GB) 2012 Sakhee's Secret (GB) Snow Moccasin (IRE) Not Eligible
Social Climber (IRE) 2012 Strategic Prince (GB) Ivy Queen (IRE) Eligible
Sociopath (IRE) 2012 Fastnet Rock (AUS) Nancy Spain (IRE) Not Eligible
Soebroto (IRE) 2012 Henrythenavigator (USA) Antoniette (USA) Eligible
Sogno di Laura (GB) 2012 Myboycharlie (IRE) Motif (GB) Not Eligible
Solar Flair (GB) 2012 Equiano (FR) Air Biscuit (IRE) Eligible
Soldier Sam (IRE) 2012 Zebedee (GB) Fey Rouge (IRE) Eligible
Soliana (GB) 2012 Dutch Art (GB) Pink Stone (FR) Eligible
Soltanto Amici (IRE) 2012 Captain Rio (GB) Patsy Grimes (GB) Eligible
Some Character (IRE) 2012 Fast Company (IRE) Puerto Oro (IRE) Not Eligible
Something Lucky (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Lucky Leigh (GB) Not Eligible
Somethingroyal (IRE) 2012 Paco Boy (IRE) Stellarina (IRE) Eligible
Songye (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Liberty Chery (GB) Eligible
Sonja (GB) 2012 Dylan Thomas (IRE) Skyrider (IRE) Not Eligible
Sonnolento (IRE) 2012 Rip Van Winkle (IRE) Dreams Come True (FR) Eligible
Sonnythenavigator (USA) 2012 Henrythenavigator (USA) Lady Simpson (GB) Eligible
Soqotra (GB) 2012 King's Best (USA) Yemen Desert (IRE) Eligible
Sorento (IRE) 2012 Echo of Light (GB) Special Touch (IRE) Not Eligible
Souk Al Tahab (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Quiet Dream (USA) Eligible
Sound Craft (IRE) 2012 Getaway (GER) Persian Heroine (IRE) Not Eligible
Sourdeval (GB) 2012 Paco Boy (IRE) Starfleet (GB) Not Eligible
Southerly Buster (GB) 2012 Shirocco (GER) Appleby (GB) Not Eligible
Sovereign Bounty (GB) 2012 Bahamian Bounty (GB) Sovereign Abbey (IRE) Eligible
Space Oddity (GB) 2012 Royal Applause (GB) Lalina (GER) Not Eligible
Space Sheriff (IRE) 2012 Lawman (FR) Launch Time (USA) Not Eligible
Spagone (IRE) 2012 Vale of York (IRE) Wiolante (GER) Not Eligible
Spanish Squeeze (IRE) 2012 Lope de Vega (IRE) Appetina (GB) Eligible
Sparbrook (IRE) 2012 Kodiac (GB) Summer Sunshine (GB) Eligible
Sparklingsovereign (GB) 2012 Archipenko (USA) Eternelle (GB) Not Eligible
Sparring (IRE) 2012 Teofilo (IRE) Henties Bay (IRE) Eligible
Special Code (IRE) 2012 Iffraaj (GB) Najmati (GB) Eligible
Special Forces (GB) 2012 Bushranger (IRE) Noyelles (IRE) Not Eligible
Special Rush (GB) 2012 Myboycharlie (IRE) Fifty Cent Gal (USA) Not Eligible
Special Venture (IRE) 2012 Azamour (IRE) La Reine Mambo (USA) Eligible
Speculator (GB) 2012 Bahamian Bounty (GB) Swift Dispersal (GB) Not Eligible
Speedfit Rules (IRE) 2012 Aussie Rules (USA) Jusoor (USA) Not Eligible
Speedy Boarding (GB) 2012 Shamardal (USA) Dash To The Front (GB) Eligible
Speedy Move (IRE) 2012 Iffraaj (GB) Beautiful Filly (GB) Not Eligible
Spend A Penny (IRE) 2012 Acclamation (GB) Coachhouse Lady (USA) Eligible
Sperrin (IRE) 2012 Dubawi (IRE) Speciosa (IRE) Eligible
Sperry (IRE) 2012 Shamardal (USA) Badee'a (IRE) Eligible
Spinaminnie (IRE) 2012 Moss Vale (IRE) Spinamix (GB) Eligible
Spiral of Life (IRE) 2012 Excellent Art (GB) Irish Design (IRE) Eligible
Spirit In Time (IRE) 2012 Vale of York (IRE) Star Port (GB) Not Eligible
Spirit of Arakan (IRE) 2012 Arakan (USA) Angel Rays (GB) Not Eligible
Spirit of Rosanna (GB) 2012 Hellvelyn (GB) Tharwa (IRE) Eligible
Spirit of The Sea (IRE) 2012 Invincible Spirit (IRE) Cedar Sea (IRE) Eligible
Spirit of Wedza (IRE) 2012 Footstepsinthesand (GB) Sampers (IRE) Eligible
Spirit of Xian (IRE) 2012 Kodiac (GB) Gold Again (USA) Eligible
Spirit of Zeb (IRE) 2012 Zebedee (GB) Miss Glitters (IRE) Eligible
Spirited Acclaim (IRE) 2012 Acclamation (GB) Lafleur (IRE) Eligible
Spiriting (IRE) 2012 Invincible Spirit (IRE) Gold Bubbles (USA) Eligible
Spiritual Acclaim (IRE) 2012 Acclamation (GB) Sister Clement (IRE) Eligible
Spiritual Journey (IRE) 2012 Zebedee (GB) Daneville (IRE) Eligible
Spiritual Man (IRE) 2012 Lawman (FR) Vee Gita (IRE) Eligible
Splash of Verve (IRE) 2012 Fast Company (IRE) Ellistown Lady (IRE) Eligible
Splashtop (IRE) 2012 Big Bad Bob (IRE) Northern Affair (IRE) Eligible
Sportage (IRE) 2012 Vale of York (IRE) Virgin Hawk (USA) Not Eligible
Sportlobster (IRE) 2012 Strategic Prince (GB) First Bank (FR) Eligible
Sports Barrow (IRE) 2012 Windsor Knot (IRE) Liberty Grace (IRE) Not Eligible
Spring Loaded (IRE) 2012 Zebedee (GB) Nisriyna (IRE) Eligible
Spring Offensive (IRE) 2012 Iffraaj (GB) Night Sphere (IRE) Eligible
Spring Seraph (IRE) 2012 Dark Angel (IRE) Saffron Crocus (GB) Eligible
Springstride (GB) 2012 Jeremy (USA) Stoney Cove (IRE) Not Eligible
Squats (IRE) 2012 Dandy Man (IRE) Light Sea (IRE) Eligible
St Brelades Bay (IRE) 2012 Camacho (GB) Tides (GB) Eligible
St Georges Rock (IRE) 2012 Camacho (GB) Radio Wave (GB) Eligible
St Paul's Square (IRE) 2012 Amadeus Wolf (GB) Swynford Lady (IRE) Eligible
St Saviour (GB) 2012 Danehill Dancer (IRE) Titivation (GB) Eligible
Staccato Wolf (IRE) 2012 Amadeus Wolf (GB) Astuti (IRE) Not Eligible
Stake Acclaim (IRE) 2012 Acclamation (GB) Golden Legacy (IRE) Eligible
Stamp of Approval (IRE) 2012 Approve (IRE) Wassendale (GB) Eligible
Stamp of Authority (IRE) 2012 Invincible Spirit (IRE) Silver Bracelet (GB) Eligible
Standinthesunlight (IRE) 2012 Paco Boy (IRE) Stay Hernanda (GB) Eligible
Stanghow (GB) 2012 Monsieur Bond (IRE) Melandre (GB) Eligible
Star Ascending (IRE) 2012 Thousand Words (GB) Sakaka (GB) Eligible
Star Asset (GB) 2012 Dutch Art (GB) Black Belt Shopper (IRE) Eligible
Star Citizen (GB) 2012 New Approach (IRE) Faslen (USA) Eligible
Star Cracker (IRE) 2012 Starspangledbanner (AUS) Champagne Cracker (GB) Eligible
Star Fire (GB) 2012 Dark Angel (IRE) Bunditten (IRE) Eligible
Star of Malta (GB) 2012 Kyllachy (GB) Star of Gibraltar (GB) Not Eligible
Star of Spring (IRE) 2012 Iffraaj (GB) Gift of Spring (USA) Eligible
Star Pursuits (GB) 2012 Pastoral Pursuits (GB) Garter Star (GB) Not Eligible
Star Storm (IRE) 2012 Sea The Stars (IRE) Sayyedati Storm (USA) Eligible
Starchy Leitenont (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Starchy (GB) Not Eligible
Starlight Banner (IRE) 2012 Starspangledbanner (AUS) Dromod Mour (IRE) Not Eligible
Starlight Genie (GB) 2012 Hellvelyn (GB) Anneliina (GB) Eligible
Starring Guest (IRE) 2012 Teofilo (IRE) Queen of Stars (USA) Eligible

Yearling Bonus

The Yearling Bonus Scheme is now in it’s fifth year and to date over 12 million GBP has been paid into the fund by Owners, Breeders, Vendors and Sales companies. Owners of eligible racehorses stand the chance of winning 10,000 GBP bonus if their horse wins a ‘selected’ maiden race. The entire fund raised from registration fees is paid out in bonuses in GB, Ireland and across Europe and as far as Singapore. Initiated in 2009 the Scheme is a not for profit venture.


Only qualifying individuals offered at public auction in GB and IRE are eligible. All current eligible individuals are listed here.

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