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Name Year Sire Dam Eligibility Status
Sparklingsovereign (GB) 2012 Archipenko (USA) Eternelle (GB) Not Eligible
Striking Stone (GB) 2012 Archipenko (USA) Lady Le Quesne (IRE) Not Eligible
Va Bank (IRE) 2012 Archipenko (USA) Vinales (IRE) Not Eligible
Worgait (GB) 2012 Archipenko (USA) Sterling Sound (USA) Eligible
Horseshoe Bay (IRE) 2012 Arch (USA) Sweepstake (IRE) Eligible
Imperial March (IRE) 2012 Arch (USA) Sneak Preview (GB) Eligible
The Great Magoo (USA) 2012 Arch (USA) Wilki (FR) Eligible
Unnamed out of Passarelle (USA) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Passarelle (USA) Eligible
Unnamed out of Evangeline (GB) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Evangeline (GB) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Seraphina (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Seraphina (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Jazz Up (GB) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Jazz Up (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Peace Summit (GB) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Peace Summit (GB) Not Eligible
Alfredo (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Western Sky (GB) Eligible
Anachronism (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Tarbela (IRE) Eligible
Arc Cara (ITY) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Folcara (IRE) Eligible
Arcanman (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Rose Bourbon (USA) Eligible
Arcano Gold (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Azia (IRE) Eligible
Arcossi (GB) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Ossiana (IRE) Eligible
Arqalina (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Pride Celebre (IRE) Not Eligible
Azerelle (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Simply Topping (IRE) Not Eligible
Beauty Prince (GB) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Singed (GB) Not Eligible
Born To Be Bad (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Lady of Kildare (IRE) Eligible
Briardale (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Marine City (JPN) Eligible
Camdora (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Crimphill (IRE) Eligible
Carnival King (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Validate (GB) Eligible
Cheyanne (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Lysandra (IRE) Not Eligible
Cleano (GB) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Hamloola (GB) Not Eligible
Comes A Time (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Anne Tudor (IRE) Eligible
Crystalin (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Loose Julie (IRE) Not Eligible
Debt Free Dame (GB) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Runkerry Point (USA) Not Eligible
Donna D (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Donnai (IRE) Eligible
Elm Grove (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Ladytown (IRE) Not Eligible
Faddwa (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Heart's Desire (IRE) Eligible
Faith Matters (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Luanas Pearl (IRE) Eligible
Floriane (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Kay Es Jay (FR) Eligible
Folk Law (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Oh Nellie (USA) Eligible
Fuwairt (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Safiya Song (IRE) Not Eligible
Ghostly Arc (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Cheyenne's Spirit (IRE) Eligible
Kick Down (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Star of Siligo (USA) Eligible
Laahij (GB) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Acicula (IRE) Eligible
Marcano (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Aquatint (GB) Eligible
Musharrif (GB) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Cefira (USA) Eligible
Onorina (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Miss Honorine (IRE) Not Eligible
Oricano (GB) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Dhuyoof (IRE) Eligible
Ottoman King (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Musical Review (UAE) Not Eligible
Quite Smart (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Lyca Ballerina (GB) Eligible
Rock To The Moon (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Patrimony (GB) Not Eligible
Secret Bay (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Caribbean Escape (GB) Eligible
Secrets Safe (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Keritana (FR) Eligible
Shelly Ann (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Mooretown Lady (IRE) Not Eligible
Shirley (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Etizaan (IRE) Not Eligible
Shortmile Lady (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Jinsiyah (USA) Not Eligible
Silver Tycoon (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Sallanches (USA) Eligible
Souk Al Tahab (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Quiet Dream (USA) Eligible
Starchy Leitenont (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Starchy (GB) Not Eligible
Sunset Sail (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Mythologie (FR) Eligible
The Eyes Have It (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Alexander Icequeen (IRE) Eligible
Thello (GB) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Silca Destination (GB) Eligible
Triggers Broom (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Great Joy (IRE) Eligible
Zabeel Star (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Deep Winter (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Baltic Beach (IRE) 2012 Arakan (USA) Baltic Beach (IRE) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Sunrise (IRE) 2012 Arakan (USA) Sunrise (IRE) Not Eligible
Ashford Belle (IRE) 2012 Arakan (USA) Ashford Cross (GB) Not Eligible
Lily White Socks (IRE) 2012 Arakan (USA) Giveupyeraulsins (IRE) Not Eligible
Meadows Kisses (IRE) 2012 Arakan (USA) Fields of Joy (GER) Not Eligible
Scripturient (IRE) 2012 Arakan (USA) Kelso Magic (USA) Not Eligible
Spirit of Arakan (IRE) 2012 Arakan (USA) Angel Rays (GB) Not Eligible
Come On Galey (GB) 2012 Arabian Gleam (GB) Magical Flute (GB) Not Eligible
Gleaming Girl (GB) 2012 Arabian Gleam (GB) Desert Liaison (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Kunda (IRE) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Kunda (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Beat As One (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Beat As One (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Jackie's Opera (FR) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Jackie's Opera (FR) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Party Appeal (USA) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Party Appeal (USA) Not Eligible
Aqlette (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Violette (GB) Not Eligible
Berkshire Beauty (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Salim Toto (GB) Eligible
Brigand Chief (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Soundwave (GB) Not Eligible
Brittleton (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Fairy Dance (IRE) Eligible
Call Out Loud (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Winner's Call (GB) Eligible
Callac (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Fifty (IRE) Eligible
Dream On Stage (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Star On Stage (GB) Eligible
Full Rose (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Tasjeel (USA) Eligible
Glorious Asset (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Regal Asset (USA) Not Eligible
Imvula (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Reason To Dance (GB) Eligible
Indelove (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Endearing (GB) Not Eligible
Indian Spirit (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Pinkai (IRE) Not Eligible
Marsoomah (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Bukhoor (IRE) Eligible
Niqnaaqpaadiwaaq (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Aswaaq (IRE) Eligible
Red Connect (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Close Knit (USA) Not Eligible
Silver Act (IRE) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Nutkin (GB) Not Eligible
Stylos Ecossais (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Craigmill (GB) Eligible
Tesaurus (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Fuschia (GB) Not Eligible
Untapped Spectrum (IRE) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Romea (GB) Eligible
Vellaam (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Vellena (GB) Eligible
Will I Finegold (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Angel Song (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bint Al Hammour (IRE) 2012 Approve (IRE) Bint Al Hammour (IRE) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Miss Corinne (GB) 2012 Approve (IRE) Miss Corinne (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Twilight Belle (IRE) 2012 Approve (IRE) Twilight Belle (IRE) Not Eligible
Unnamed out of Mashie (GB) 2012 Approve (IRE) Mashie (GB) Not Eligible
Accepted (IRE) 2012 Approve (IRE) Birthday Present (GB) Not Eligible
Ameli (IRE) 2012 Approve (IRE) Mathool (IRE) Not Eligible

Yearling Bonus

The Yearling Bonus Scheme is now in it’s fifth year and to date over 12 million GBP has been paid into the fund by Owners, Breeders, Vendors and Sales companies. Owners of eligible racehorses stand the chance of winning 10,000 GBP bonus if their horse wins a ‘selected’ maiden race. The entire fund raised from registration fees is paid out in bonuses in GB, Ireland and across Europe and as far as Singapore. Initiated in 2009 the Scheme is a not for profit venture.


Only qualifying individuals offered at public auction in GB and IRE are eligible. All current eligible individuals are listed here.

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