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Name Year Sire Dam Eligibility Status
Godric (GB) 2012 Winker Watson (GB) Bea Menace (USA) Eligible
Beach Belle (GB) 2012 Invincible Spirit (IRE) Beach Bunny (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Beal Ban (IRE) 2012 Footstepsinthesand (GB) Beal Ban (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Bean Island (USA) 2012 Vale of York (IRE) Bean Island (USA) Provisional
Geological (IRE) 2012 Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) Bean Uasal (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Beat As One (GB) 2012 Aqlaam (GB) Beat As One (GB) Eligible
Blackfoot Brave (IRE) 2012 Iffraaj (GB) Beatrix Potter (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Beautiful Dancer (IRE) 2012 Thewayyouare (USA) Beautiful Dancer (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Beautiful Filly (GB) 2012 Iffraaj (GB) Beautiful Filly (GB) Provisional
Pyla (IRE) 2012 Footstepsinthesand (GB) Beautiful Hill (IRE) Eligible
Becky Christal (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Beautiful Maria (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Beauty Bright (IRE) 2012 Galileo (IRE) Beauty Bright (IRE) Eligible
King To Be (IRE) 2012 Myboycharlie (IRE) Becuille (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bedara (GB) 2012 Motivator (GB) Bedara (GB) Provisional
Zubaidah (GB) 2012 Exceed And Excel (AUS) Bedouin Bride (USA) Eligible
Unnamed out of Begine (IRE) 2012 Lord Shanakill (USA) Begine (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Behreyma (IRE) 2012 Exceed And Excel (AUS) Behreyma (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Belesta (GB) 2012 Galileo (IRE) Belesta (GB) Provisional
Zylan (IRE) 2012 Kyllachy (GB) Belgique (IRE) Provisional
Flyball (GB) 2012 Proclamation (IRE) Bella Bertolini (GB) Eligible
Galeotti (GB) 2012 Paco Boy (IRE) Bella Lambada (GB) Eligible
Amadeon (IRE) 2012 Amadeus Wolf (GB) Bella Miranda (GB) Eligible
London Life (IRE) 2012 Approve (IRE) Bellacoola (GER) Eligible
Belle Fille (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Belle Allemande (CAN) Provisional
Unnamed out of Belle de Nuit (IRE) 2012 Sleeping Indian (GB) Belle de Nuit (IRE) Provisional
Air of Mystery (GB) 2012 Sakhee's Secret (GB) Belle des Airs (IRE) Eligible
Fruity (IRE) 2012 Camacho (GB) Belle of The Blues (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Belle of The Lodge (IRE) 2012 Azamour (IRE) Belle of The Lodge (IRE) Eligible
Night Opera (IRE) 2012 High Chaparral (IRE) Belle Opera (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Belle Rebelle (IRE) 2012 Dark Angel (IRE) Belle Rebelle (IRE) Provisional
Stealing The Show (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Belle Reine (GB) Eligible
Laidback Romeo (IRE) 2012 Kodiac (GB) Belmora (USA) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bended Knee (GB) 2012 Royal Applause (GB) Bended Knee (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Benedicte (IRE) 2012 Acclamation (GB) Benedicte (IRE) Eligible
Hell For Leather (GB) 2012 Hellvelyn (GB) Bengers Lass (USA) Provisional
Unnamed out of Bermondsey Girl (GB) 2012 Sir Percy (GB) Bermondsey Girl (GB) Eligible
Aussie Berry (IRE) 2012 Aussie Rules (USA) Berry Baby (IRE) Eligible
Sky Steps (IRE) 2012 Strategic Prince (GB) Best Dancing (GER) Provisional
Apache Storm (GB) 2012 Pivotal (GB) Best Side (IRE) Provisional
Elizabeth March (IRE) 2012 Bushranger (IRE) Beth (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Betray (GB) 2012 Observatory (USA) Betray (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Betty Burke (GB) 2012 Lord Shanakill (USA) Betty Burke (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Beyond Belief (IRE) 2012 Danehill Dancer (IRE) Beyond Belief (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Bezant (IRE) 2012 Cape Cross (IRE) Bezant (IRE) Provisional
Felicis (IRE) 2012 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) Biagiotti (GER) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bianca Nera (GB) 2012 Makfi (GB) Bianca Nera (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Biasca (GB) 2012 Intense Focus (USA) Biasca (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bibury (GB) 2012 Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Bibury (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Bidding Time (GB) 2012 Notnowcato (GB) Bidding Time (GB) Provisional
Swift Emperor (IRE) 2012 Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) Big Swifty (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bijou A Moi (GB) 2012 Bahamian Bounty (GB) Bijou A Moi (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Bikini (GB) 2012 Major Cadeaux (GB) Bikini (GB) Provisional
Ziggert (IRE) 2012 High Chaparral (IRE) Billet (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bint Al Hammour (IRE) 2012 Approve (IRE) Bint Al Hammour (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Bint Baddi (FR) 2012 Piccolo (GB) Bint Baddi (FR) Provisional
Unnamed out of Bint Doyen (GB) 2012 King's Best (USA) Bint Doyen (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bintalreef (USA) 2012 Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Bintalreef (USA) Eligible
Unnamed out of Birdsong (IRE) 2012 Sir Percy (GB) Birdsong (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Birthday Present (GB) 2012 Approve (IRE) Birthday Present (GB) Provisional
Bimbo (GB) 2012 Iffraaj (GB) Birthday Suit (IRE) Provisional
Ventura Castle (GB) 2012 Paco Boy (IRE) Bisaat (USA) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bitooh (GB) 2012 Sea The Stars (IRE) Bitooh (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Black Belt Shopper (IRE) 2012 Dutch Art (GB) Black Belt Shopper (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Black Moma (IRE) 2012 Kheleyf (USA) Black Moma (IRE) Provisional
Bond's Girl (GB) 2012 Monsieur Bond (IRE) Blades Girl (GB) Eligible
Housemaker (GB) 2012 Nayef (USA) Blaenavon (GB) Eligible
Stone Roses (IRE) 2012 Zebedee (GB) Blanche Dubois (GB) Eligible
The Olympus Man (GB) 2012 Paco Boy (IRE) Blandish (USA) Eligible
Twitch (IRE) 2012 Azamour (IRE) Blinking (GB) Eligible
Rabbit Zamindarman (GB) 2012 Zamindar (USA) Blodwen (USA) Provisional
Unnamed out of Blond Moment (USA) 2012 Authorized (IRE) Blond Moment (USA) Provisional
Unnamed out of Blu Tu Miami (USA) 2012 Lord Shanakill (USA) Blu Tu Miami (USA) Provisional
Unnamed out of Blue Azure (USA) 2012 Invincible Spirit (IRE) Blue Azure (USA) Provisional
Light Fantastic (GB) 2012 Acclamation (GB) Blue Beacon (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Blue Crystal (IRE) 2012 Acclamation (GB) Blue Crystal (IRE) Provisional
Silvery Blue (GB) 2012 Paco Boy (IRE) Blue Echo (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Blue Iris (GB) 2012 Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Blue Iris (GB) Provisional
Fine Judgment (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Blue Lyric (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Blue Parade (IRE) 2012 Cape Cross (IRE) Blue Parade (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Blue Reema (IRE) 2012 Vale of York (IRE) Blue Reema (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Blue Rocket (IRE) 2012 Medicean (GB) Blue Rocket (IRE) Provisional
Rocky Rider (GB) 2012 Galileo (IRE) Blue Symphony (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bluebelle Dancer (IRE) 2012 Rip Van Winkle (IRE) Bluebelle Dancer (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Blusienka (IRE) 2012 Zebedee (GB) Blusienka (IRE) Eligible
Ifittakesforever (IRE) 2012 Kodiac (GB) Bobby Jane (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Boca Dancer (IRE) 2012 Raven's Pass (USA) Boca Dancer (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Bold Assumption (GB) 2012 Azamour (IRE) Bold Assumption (GB) Provisional
Sudest (IRE) 2012 Tagula (IRE) Bold Bunny (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bolsena (USA) 2012 Zamindar (USA) Bolsena (USA) Eligible
Denway Park (GB) 2012 Paco Boy (IRE) Bolshaya (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bon Expresso (IRE) 2012 Zebedee (GB) Bon Expresso (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Bon Ton Roulet (GB) 2012 Excellent Art (GB) Bon Ton Roulet (GB) Provisional
Don't Try (IRE) 2012 Galileo (IRE) Bonheur (IRE) Eligible
Wave Dancer (IRE) 2012 Montjeu (IRE) Bonnie Byerly (USA) Provisional
Tassa Patrimoniale (IRE) 2012 Big Bad Bob (IRE) Bonny Rose (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Boo Boo Bear (IRE) 2012 Azamour (IRE) Boo Boo Bear (IRE) Provisional
Orlando Rogue (IRE) 2012 Bushranger (IRE) Boston Ivy (USA) Eligible
Unnamed out of Boucheron (GB) 2012 Zebedee (GB) Boucheron (GB) Eligible
Diamond Creek (IRE) 2012 Kodiac (GB) Boudica (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Bound To Glitter (USA) 2012 Moss Vale (IRE) Bound To Glitter (USA) Provisional

Yearling Bonus

The Yearling Bonus Scheme is now in it’s fifth year and to date over 12 million GBP has been paid into the fund by Owners, Breeders, Vendors and Sales companies. Owners of eligible racehorses stand the chance of winning 10,000 GBP bonus if their horse wins a ‘selected’ maiden race. The entire fund raised from registration fees is paid out in bonuses in GB, Ireland and across Europe and as far as Singapore. Initiated in 2009 the Scheme is a not for profit venture.


Only qualifying individuals offered at public auction in GB and IRE are eligible. All current eligible individuals are listed here.

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