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Name Year Sire Dam Eligibility Status
My Girl Ellie (GB) 2011 Myboycharlie (IRE) Eleganta (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Elemental (GB) 2011 High Chaparral (IRE) Elemental (GB) Provisional
Si Seulement (IRE) 2011 Iffraaj (GB) Ellanova (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Ellistown Lady (IRE) 2011 Thousand Words (GB) Ellistown Lady (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Ellovamul (GB) 2011 Captain Gerrard (IRE) Ellovamul (GB) Provisional
Marilyn Marquessa (GB) 2011 Captain Gerrard (IRE) Elusive Deal (USA) Provisional
Too Elusive (GB) 2011 Major Cadeaux (GB) Elusive Kitty (USA) Provisional
Via Email (IRE) 2011 Virtual (GB) Email (GB) Provisional
Can'thelpbelieving (IRE) 2011 Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Embark (GB) Provisional
Rochelle (IRE) 2011 Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Emilion (GB) Provisional
Moxey (GB) 2011 Nayef (USA) Emily Blake (IRE) Provisional
Tyrion (IRE) 2011 Intense Focus (USA) Eminence Gift (GB) Provisional
Meaning of Life (IRE) 2011 Exceed And Excel (AUS) Emirates Hills (GB) Provisional
Elesara (GB) 2011 Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Emonoja (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Emouna (GB) 2011 Firebreak (GB) Emouna (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Enamoured (GB) 2011 Moss Vale (IRE) Enamoured (GB) Provisional
High Master (IRE) 2011 High Chaparral (IRE) Enchant (GB) Provisional
Maahira (GB) 2011 Major Cadeaux (GB) Enchantment (USA) Provisional
Adimendis (IRE) 2011 Elnadim (USA) Endis (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Epopee (IRE) 2011 Turtle Bowl (IRE) Epopee (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Escudo (IRE) 2011 Intense Focus (USA) Escudo (IRE) Provisional
Lady Design (IRE) 2011 Oratorio (IRE) Et Dona Ferentes (GB) Provisional
Berendaria (FR) 2011 Dalakhani (IRE) Eternal Beauty (USA) Provisional
Carnt Cash Sorry (GB) 2011 Authorized (IRE) Eternity Ring (GB) Provisional
Euro Charline (GB) 2011 Myboycharlie (IRE) Eurolink Artemis (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Eva Luna (IRE) 2011 Moss Vale (IRE) Eva Luna (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Evangeline (GB) 2011 Invincible Spirit (IRE) Evangeline (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Exotic Mix (FR) 2011 Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Exotic Mix (FR) Provisional
Dancing Eyes (IRE) 2011 Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Eyrecourt (IRE) Provisional
Biba Rambla (GB) 2011 Shirocco (GER) Fabulous Speed (USA) Provisional
Pink Diamond (GB) 2011 Champs Elysees (GB) Fairy Dance (IRE) Provisional
Sound Target (GB) 2011 Royal Applause (GB) Fame Game (IRE) Provisional
Naloudia (IRE) 2011 Piccolo (GB) Fanciful Dancer (GB) Provisional
In Seine (GB) 2011 Champs Elysees (GB) Fancy Rose (USA) Provisional
Oderwitz Lady (GB) 2011 Mount Nelson (GB) Fanfare (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Fantastic Cee (IRE) 2011 Bushranger (IRE) Fantastic Cee (IRE) Provisional
Stirabout (USA) 2011 Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) Fardus (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Farida (IRE) 2011 Intense Focus (USA) Farida (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Farmiga (IRE) 2011 Intense Focus (USA) Farmiga (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Fascinating Hill (FR) 2011 Authorized (IRE) Fascinating Hill (FR) Provisional
Umm Samah (GB) 2011 Authorized (IRE) Fascination Street (IRE) Provisional
Trendsetter (IRE) 2011 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Fashion Trade (GB) Provisional
Skifia (IRE) 2011 Intense Focus (USA) Favoritely (USA) Provisional
Gradatim (IRE) 2011 High Chaparral (IRE) Fear And Greed (IRE) Provisional
Last Moment (GB) 2011 Halling (USA) Feather Boa (IRE) Provisional
Sullivan Park (GB) 2011 Haatef (USA) Fee Faw Fum (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Fidra (IRE) 2011 Captain Rio (GB) Fidra (IRE) Provisional
Strade Kirk (IRE) 2011 Strategic Prince (GB) Fieldfare (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Fifty (IRE) 2011 Bahamian Bounty (GB) Fifty (IRE) Provisional
Irtsis Fire (GB) 2011 Bahamian Bounty (GB) Fifty Cent Gal (USA) Provisional
Attenzione (IRE) 2011 Shamardal (USA) Fig Tree Drive (USA) Provisional
Beautiful Angelica (GB) 2011 Amadeus Wolf (GB) Fiina (GB) Provisional
Wrangel (IRE) 2011 Verglas (IRE) Filandre (GB) Provisional
Seasons In The Sun (GB) 2011 High Chaparral (IRE) Fin (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Fine Day (GB) 2011 Van Nistelrooy (USA) Fine Day (GB) Provisional
Red Yeti (IRE) 2011 Diamond Green (FR) Fiordiligi (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Fire Flower (GB) 2011 Ad Valorem (USA) Fire Flower (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Firebird Rising (USA) 2011 Major Cadeaux (GB) Firebird Rising (USA) Provisional
Unnamed out of Firoza (FR) 2011 High Chaparral (IRE) Firoza (FR) Provisional
Jacob Black (GB) 2011 Amadeus Wolf (GB) First Eclipse (IRE) Provisional
Posh Bounty (GB) 2011 Bahamian Bounty (GB) Fission (GB) Provisional
Sing With Bess (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Five of Wands (GB) Provisional
Ninety Minutes (IRE) 2011 Oratorio (IRE) Fleeting Mirage (USA) Provisional
Unnamed out of Fleur de Lis (GB) 2011 New Approach (IRE) Fleur de Lis (GB) Provisional
Foremost (GB) 2011 Hernando (FR) Flor Y Nata (USA) Provisional
Emerald Gg (IRE) 2011 Diamond Green (FR) Florista Gg (URU) Provisional
Red Cavier (IRE) 2011 Dandy Man (IRE) Flyamore (FR) Provisional
Flying By (GB) 2011 Byron (GB) Flyfisher (USA) Provisional
Nonna Primavera (IRE) 2011 Captain Gerrard (IRE) Flying Ridge (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Fondant Fancy (GB) 2011 Iffraaj (GB) Fondant Fancy (GB) Provisional
Madagascar Moll (IRE) 2011 Captain Gerrard (IRE) Fontanally Springs (IRE) Provisional
Lone Star (IRE) 2011 Sea The Stars (IRE) Foolish Act (IRE) Provisional
Parpignol (IRE) 2011 Amadeus Wolf (GB) For Freedom (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of For My Love (GB) 2011 Aussie Rules (USA) For My Love (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Forget Me Not (IRE) 2011 Intense Focus (USA) Forget Me Not (IRE) Provisional
Champagne Or Water (IRE) 2011 Captain Rio (GB) Former Drama (USA) Provisional
Unnamed out of Fortuna Limit (GB) 2011 Invincible Spirit (IRE) Fortuna Limit (GB) Provisional
Lady Like Lady (IRE) 2011 Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) Fotini (IRE) Provisional
Four Carat (GER) 2011 Montjeu (IRE) Four Roses (IRE) Provisional
Pelerin (IRE) 2011 Shamardal (USA) Fragrancy (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Freda's Choice (IRE) 2011 Echo of Light (GB) Freda's Choice (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Freedom (GER) 2011 Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) Freedom (GER) Provisional
A Tinte Forti (IRE) 2011 Excellent Art (GB) Freshly Squeezed (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Front House (IRE) 2011 Oasis Dream (GB) Front House (IRE) Provisional
Ajasam (GB) 2011 King's Best (USA) Funseeker (UAE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Galilean Moon (GB) 2011 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Galilean Moon (GB) Provisional
Manilva Way (IRE) 2011 Elnadim (USA) Galileo's Way (IRE) Provisional
Vento Del Sahara (IRE) 2011 Arakan (USA) Garnock Academy (USA) Provisional
Hallaga (GB) 2011 Halling (USA) Gayanula (USA) Provisional
Madfuninthewest (IRE) 2011 Jeremy (USA) Gaybrook (IRE) Provisional
Ganymede (GB) 2011 Oasis Dream (GB) Gaze (GB) Provisional
Bari (IRE) 2011 Cape Cross (IRE) Genoa (GB) Provisional
Commanding Force (GB) 2011 Authorized (IRE) Ghazal (USA) Provisional
Unnamed out of Giant's Way (IRE) 2011 Lawman (FR) Giant's Way (IRE) Provisional
Tell Me When (GB) 2011 Monsieur Bond (IRE) Giffoine (GB) Provisional
Steel N Time (IRE) 2011 Kyllachy (GB) Gift of Time (GB) Provisional
Febrayer Star (IRE) 2011 Majestic Missile (IRE) Ginger Not Blonde (USA) Provisional
Battersea (GB) 2011 Galileo (IRE) Gino's Spirits (GB) Provisional
Decoded (GB) 2011 Avonbridge (GB) Glider (IRE) Provisional
Who Followed Who (GB) 2011 Footstepsinthesand (GB) Glorious Dreams (USA) Provisional

Yearling Bonus

The Yearling Bonus Scheme is now in it’s fifth year and to date over 12 million GBP has been paid into the fund by Owners, Breeders, Vendors and Sales companies. Owners of eligible racehorses stand the chance of winning 10,000 GBP bonus if their horse wins a ‘selected’ maiden race. The entire fund raised from registration fees is paid out in bonuses in GB, Ireland and across Europe and as far as Singapore. Initiated in 2009 the Scheme is a not for profit venture.


Only qualifying individuals offered at public auction in GB and IRE are eligible. All current eligible individuals are listed here.