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Name Year Sire Dam Eligibility Status
Unnamed out of Regal Run (USA) 2011 Compton Place (GB) Regal Run (USA) Provisional
Aya's Gift (GB) 2011 Compton Place (GB) Ringarooma (GB) Eligible
Sing Out Sister (GB) 2011 Compton Place (GB) Sister Moonshine (GB) Eligible
Inflation Risk (GB) 2011 Compton Place (GB) Small Fortune (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Spanish Gold (GB) 2011 Compton Place (GB) Spanish Gold (GB) Provisional
Minnie Miracle (GB) 2011 Compton Place (GB) Splicing (GB) Eligible
Jaga Time (GB) 2011 Compton Place (GB) Tender (IRE) Eligible
Clumber Street (GB) 2011 Compton Place (GB) Tinnarinka (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Vellena (GB) 2011 Compton Place (GB) Vellena (GB) Eligible
Becky Christal (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Beautiful Maria (IRE) Eligible
Fine Judgment (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Blue Lyric (GB) Eligible
Lady Jade (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Chilly Cracker (GB) Provisional
Compton Mill (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Classic Millennium (GB) Eligible
Mecado (IRE) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Corryvreckan (IRE) Eligible
Sinema (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Dictatrix (GB) Eligible
Lady of Illusion (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Doric Lady (GB) Provisional
Tarragon (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Hennalaine (IRE) Provisional
Compton River (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Inagh River (GB) Eligible
Numnah (IRE) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Jesting (GB) Provisional
Sandgate (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Jump Ship (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Lady Darayna (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Lady Darayna (GB) Eligible
Competent (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Pantita (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Phoenix Rising (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Phoenix Rising (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Profit Alert (IRE) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Profit Alert (IRE) Provisional
Acom (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Pudding Lane (IRE) Provisional
Closing (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Rosewood Belle (USA) Provisional
Unnamed out of Silver Miss (FR) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Silver Miss (FR) Provisional
Unnamed out of Tamara (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Tamara (GB) Provisional
Willow Spring (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Upstream (GB) Eligible
Colourfilly (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Where's Broughton (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Ziggy Zaggy (GB) 2012 Compton Place (GB) Ziggy Zaggy (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Alumisiyah (USA) 2011 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Alumisiyah (USA) Provisional
Unnamed out of Lady Trish (GB) 2011 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Lady Trish (GB) Provisional
Rock 'n' Roll Star (GB) 2011 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Sweet Afton (IRE) Eligible
Red House Rebel (IRE) 2012 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Avril Rose (IRE) Eligible
Mockingbird Hill (GB) 2012 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Claws (GB) Eligible
Pirate Rebel (IRE) 2012 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Faithful Duchess (IRE) Eligible
El Durazno (IRE) 2012 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Happy Go Lily (GB) Eligible
Cockney Island (GB) 2012 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Island Rhapsody (GB) Provisional
Suprano (GB) 2012 Cockney Rebel (IRE) River Song (USA) Eligible
Park Rebel (IRE) 2012 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Silicon Star (FR) Eligible
Vennarecci (GB) 2012 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Strawberry Rose (GB) Eligible
Napoleon Solo (GB) 2012 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Trump Street (GB) Eligible
Illya Kuryakin (GB) 2012 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Vino Veritas (USA) Eligible
Holloway (GB) 2012 Cockney Rebel (IRE) Witness (GB) Provisional
Kraka Gym (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Accounting (GB) Provisional
Atlantic Affair (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Adultress (IRE) Eligible
Kickboxer (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Ajig Dancer (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Ambrix (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Ambrix (IRE) Provisional
Odisseia (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Bent Al Fala (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Best Mother (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Best Mother (IRE) Provisional
Ejadah (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Bintalreef (USA) Eligible
Baige (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Bradamante (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Claudia of Nowhere (FR) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Claudia of Nowhere (FR) Provisional
Perfect Alchemy (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Desert Alchemy (IRE) Eligible
Red Dakota (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Dom Pennion (GB) Eligible
Dovil's Duel (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Duelling (GB) Eligible
Sing With Bess (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Five of Wands (GB) Provisional
Lincoln (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Gilt Linked (GB) Eligible
Princess Hanane (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Golden Ora (ITY) Eligible
Three Quid (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Justice System (USA) Eligible
Vallado (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Knapton Hill (GB) Eligible
Bearing Kisses (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Masakira (IRE) Provisional
Khloe (GB) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Owdbetts (IRE) Eligible
Thundering Cloud (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Porky Pie (IRE) Eligible
Foxford (GB) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Pulau Pinang (IRE) Provisional
Memory Styx (GB) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Quickstyx (GB) Eligible
Clodoaldo (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Salonga (IRE) Eligible
Hardy Pink (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Secret Circle (GB) Eligible
Brazos (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Shambodia (IRE) Eligible
Takreym (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Somoushe (IRE) Eligible
Rough Courte (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Straight Sets (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Swingsky (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Swingsky (IRE) Provisional
Syrian Pearl (GB) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Syrian Queen (GB) Eligible
Manderley (IRE) 2011 Clodovil (IRE) Three Days In May (GB) Eligible
Crevasse (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Abysse (GB) Eligible
Unnamed out of Carenage (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Carenage (IRE) Provisional
Unnamed out of Celtic Lynn (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Celtic Lynn (IRE) Eligible
Jersey Bull (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Chaguaramas (IRE) Eligible
Hail Clodius (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Dhairkana (IRE) Eligible
British Embassy (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Embassy Belle (IRE) Eligible
Red Ivy (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Hedera (USA) Eligible
Baby Dinnis (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Lady Naryana (IRE) Provisional
Tigrilla (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Lisieux Orchid (IRE) Eligible
Unnamed out of Lola Rosa (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Lola Rosa (IRE) Provisional
Something Lucky (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Lucky Leigh (GB) Provisional
Kenobe Star (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Maimana (IRE) Provisional
Almoqatel (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Majestic Night (IRE) Eligible
Zigayani (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) March Star (IRE) Eligible
Knoxville Bullet (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Mastoora (IRE) Eligible
Herewego (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Pinewoods Lily (IRE) Eligible
Acid (GB) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Pulau Pinang (IRE) Eligible
Rainbow Pride (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Rahila (IRE) Eligible
Enchanteresse (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Redrightreturning (GB) Provisional
Unnamed out of Sanfrancullinan (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Sanfrancullinan (IRE) Provisional
Shimmering Silver (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Sara Mana Mou (GB) Eligible
Henry Regenerated (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Second Act (GB) Provisional
Heaven's Secret (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Secret Circle (GB) Eligible
Third Time Lucky (IRE) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Speckled Hen (IRE) Eligible
Nasution (FR) 2012 Clodovil (IRE) Sundae Girl (USA) Eligible

Yearling Bonus

The Yearling Bonus Scheme is now in it’s fifth year and to date over 12 million GBP has been paid into the fund by Owners, Breeders, Vendors and Sales companies. Owners of eligible racehorses stand the chance of winning 10,000 GBP bonus if their horse wins a ‘selected’ maiden race. The entire fund raised from registration fees is paid out in bonuses in GB, Ireland and across Europe and as far as Singapore. Initiated in 2009 the Scheme is a not for profit venture.


Only qualifying individuals offered at public auction in GB and IRE are eligible. All current eligible individuals are listed here.