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Name Year Sire Dam Eligibility Status
Charles Molson (GB) 2011 Monsieur Bond (IRE) Arculinge (GB) Eligible
Charles Messier (GB) 2012 Acclamation (GB) Praesepe (GB) Eligible
Charava (IRE) 2012 Captain Marvelous (IRE) Sweet Compliance (GB) Eligible
Character Onesie (IRE) 2012 Dark Angel (IRE) Flame Keeper (IRE) Eligible
Chapter One (IRE) 2012 Pivotal (GB) Towards (USA) Provisional
Chapparachik (GB) 2012 High Chaparral (IRE) Musique Magique (IRE) Eligible
Chaplin Bay (IRE) 2012 Fastnet Rock (AUS) Green Castle (IRE) Eligible
Chantry (GB) 2012 Galileo (IRE) Winds of Time (IRE) Eligible
Chanter Clair (GB) 2011 Dubawi (IRE) Signorina Cattiva (USA) Provisional
Change of Moon (IRE) 2012 Le Cadre Noir (IRE) Acate (IRE) Provisional
Chancy (IRE) 2012 Lawman (FR) Charaig (GB) Provisional
Chanceuse (GB) 2011 Lucky Story (USA) Miss Madame (IRE) Provisional
Chances Are (IRE) 2012 Dandy Man (IRE) Incendio (GB) Provisional
Chance of Romance (IRE) 2011 Moss Vale (IRE) Evening Promise (GB) Eligible
Champs d'Or (GB) 2011 Champs Elysees (GB) Shemriyna (IRE) Eligible
Champagne Sydney (IRE) 2011 Iffraaj (GB) Special Touch (IRE) Eligible
Champagne Rules (GB) 2011 Aussie Rules (USA) Garabelle (IRE) Eligible
Champagne Or Water (IRE) 2011 Captain Rio (GB) Former Drama (USA) Provisional
Champagne Babe (GB) 2011 Captain Rio (GB) Oceanico Dot Com (IRE) Eligible
Chamberlain (GB) 2011 Indesatchel (IRE) Citron (GB) Eligible
Chainsaw (GB) 2011 Pastoral Pursuits (GB) Roodeye (GB) Eligible
Ceylon (IRE) 2011 Authorized (IRE) Bush Baby (GB) Eligible
Centre Star (IRE) 2011 Sea The Stars (IRE) Centreofattention (AUS) Provisional
Centre Haafhd (GB) 2011 Haafhd (GB) Deira Dubai (GB) Eligible
Central Square (IRE) 2012 Azamour (IRE) Lucky Clio (IRE) Eligible
Centara Boy (GB) 2012 Myboycharlie (IRE) Whatcameoverme (USA) Eligible
Censorius (GB) 2011 Notnowcato (GB) Meredith (GB) Eligible
Cengalo (IRE) 2012 Lord Shanakill (USA) Glasnas Giant (GB) Eligible
Celtic Man (IRE) 2011 Lawman (FR) Celtic Silhouette (FR) Eligible
Celtic Artisan (IRE) 2011 Dylan Thomas (IRE) Perfectly Clear (USA) Provisional
Celestial Vision (USA) 2012 Henrythenavigator (USA) Damini (USA) Eligible
Celestial Prophecy (IRE) 2011 Captain Rio (GB) Chaska (GB) Provisional
Celestial Path (IRE) 2012 Footstepsinthesand (GB) Miss Kittyhawk (IRE) Eligible
Celestial Love (IRE) 2012 Galileo (IRE) Piste Noire (USA) Provisional
Celestial Knight (GB) 2011 Compton Place (GB) Garter Star (GB) Eligible
Celestial Fable (IRE) 2011 Intense Focus (USA) Angels Story (IRE) Provisional
Celestial Bow (IRE) 2012 Raven's Pass (USA) Multicolour Wave (IRE) Eligible
Celebratory (GB) 2011 Peintre Celebre (USA) Inchberry (GB) Provisional
Ceaseless (IRE) 2012 Iffraaj (GB) Sheer Bliss (IRE) Eligible
Cdancer (IRE) 2011 Footstepsinthesand (GB) Queens Flight (GB) Eligible
Cayton Bay (GB) 2012 Equiano (FR) Hearsay (GB) Eligible
Cay Dancer (GB) 2011 Danehill Dancer (IRE) White Cay (GB) Eligible
Cavanaugh Park (IRE) 2012 Galileo (IRE) Ice Mint (USA) Eligible
Caught On The Bid (IRE) 2012 Footstepsinthesand (GB) Peps (IRE) Eligible
Catharina (GB) 2012 Dutch Art (GB) Lambadora (GB) Eligible
Castle Talbot (IRE) 2012 Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) Louve Sacree (USA) Provisional
Castle Combe (IRE) 2011 Dylan Thomas (IRE) Mundus Novus (USA) Eligible
Castiglia (IRE) 2012 Approve (IRE) Dyflin (IRE) Provisional
Castel di Lama (IRE) 2012 Nayef (USA) Assumption (IRE) Eligible
Castagna Girl (GB) 2011 Major Cadeaux (GB) Ewenny (GB) Eligible
Casper Lee (IRE) 2011 Kheleyf (USA) Shallop (GB) Provisional
Caso Do Lago (IRE) 2011 Balmont (USA) Dasha (GB) Eligible
Casius (GB) 2012 Teofilo (IRE) Mary Pekan (IRE) Eligible
Casino Girl (GB) 2011 Shamardal (USA) Bunood (IRE) Provisional
Casila (IRE) 2012 High Chaparral (IRE) Miletrian (IRE) Eligible
Case Statement (GB) 2012 Showcasing (GB) La Gessa (GB) Eligible
Cascading Stars (IRE) 2012 Tagula (IRE) Subtle Affair (IRE) Eligible
Cascadia (IRE) 2011 Mujadil (USA) Tucum (IRE) Eligible
Cartmell Cleave (GB) 2012 Pastoral Pursuits (GB) There's Two (IRE) Provisional
Carthage (IRE) 2011 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Pitrizzia (GB) Eligible
Carry On Deryck (GB) 2012 Halling (USA) Mullein (GB) Eligible
Carron Valley (GB) 2012 Royal Applause (GB) Clear Impression (IRE) Eligible
Carraig Anoair (IRE) 2011 Fastnet Rock (AUS) Dabawiyah (IRE) Provisional
Carnt Cash Sorry (GB) 2011 Authorized (IRE) Eternity Ring (GB) Provisional
Carnival King (IRE) 2012 Arcano (IRE) Validate (GB) Eligible
Caringa (IRE) 2011 Halling (USA) Carenage (IRE) Provisional
Carefree Highway (GB) 2012 Authorized (IRE) Early Morning Rain (IRE) Provisional
Cardinal Sin (GB) 2012 Major Cadeaux (GB) Golden Nun (GB) Provisional
Captain Whoosh (IRE) 2011 Dandy Man (IRE) Caerella (IRE) Eligible
Captain Teemo (IRE) 2011 Oratorio (IRE) Bluebell Park (USA) Eligible
Captain Swift (IRE) 2011 Captain Rio (GB) Grannys Reluctance (IRE) Eligible
Captain Susie (GB) 2012 Captain Gerrard (IRE) Mondello (IRE) Eligible
Captain Secret (GB) 2011 Captain Gerrard (IRE) Obsessive Secret (IRE) Provisional
Captain Revelation (GB) 2012 Captain Rio (GB) Agony Aunt (GB) Eligible
Captain Navarre (GB) 2012 Excellent Art (GB) Quantum (IRE) Provisional
Captain Morley (GB) 2011 Hernando (FR) Oval Office (GB) Provisional
Captain Moonlite (IRE) 2011 Bushranger (IRE) Lady Precise (IRE) Eligible
Captain Midnight (IRE) 2011 Bushranger (IRE) Beverley Macca (GB) Eligible
Captain Marmalade (IRE) 2012 Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Elisium (GB) Eligible
Captain Koko (GB) 2012 Selkirk (USA) Lady Artemisia (IRE) Provisional
Captain Joe (GB) 2011 Captain Gerrard (IRE) Bond Shakira (GB) Provisional
Captain George (IRE) 2011 Bushranger (IRE) High Society Girl (IRE) Eligible
Captain Gee (GB) 2011 Captain Gerrard (IRE) Gagajulu (GB) Eligible
Captain Future (GB) 2012 Captain Gerrard (IRE) Saorocain (IRE) Eligible
Captain Cleo (IRE) 2011 Captain Rio (GB) Positano Princess (GB) Eligible
Captain Bob (IRE) 2011 Dark Angel (IRE) Birthday Present (GB) Eligible
Captain Aragorn (IRE) 2012 Captain Rio (GB) Mackem Beat (GB) Eligible
Cappuccilli (GB) 2011 Azamour (IRE) Bedouin Bride (USA) Provisional
Cappella Sansevero (GB) 2012 Showcasing (GB) Madam President (GB) Eligible
Capitulate (GB) 2011 Avonbridge (GB) Succumb (GB) Eligible
Capitan Sbudella (IRE) 2011 Captain Marvelous (IRE) Sweet Compliance (GB) Eligible
Capelita (GB) 2011 Cape Cross (IRE) Zamhrear (GB) Eligible
Capelena (GB) 2011 Cape Cross (IRE) Roslea Lady (IRE) Eligible
Cape Xenia (GB) 2012 Cape Cross (IRE) Xaphania (GB) Eligible
Cape Wolfe (GB) 2012 Piccolo (GB) Cape Wood (GB) Eligible
Cape Typhoon (IRE) 2012 Cape Cross (IRE) Green Dollar (IRE) Eligible
Cape Summit (GB) 2011 Tamayuz (GB) Peace Summit (GB) Eligible
Cape Rosie (GB) 2012 Cape Cross (IRE) Rosika (GB) Provisional
Cape Point (GB) 2012 Showcasing (GB) Queensgate (GB) Provisional
Cape Parade (IRE) 2011 Cape Cross (IRE) Blue Parade (IRE) Eligible

Yearling Bonus

The Yearling Bonus Scheme is now in it’s fifth year and to date over 12 million GBP has been paid into the fund by Owners, Breeders, Vendors and Sales companies. Owners of eligible racehorses stand the chance of winning 10,000 GBP bonus if their horse wins a ‘selected’ maiden race. The entire fund raised from registration fees is paid out in bonuses in GB, Ireland and across Europe and as far as Singapore. Initiated in 2009 the Scheme is a not for profit venture.


Only qualifying individuals offered at public auction in GB and IRE are eligible. All current eligible individuals are listed here.